For Application Developers

Enjoy a fun, agile way to develop your Application. Powerful tools enable you to deploy, monitor, and update applications quickly, securely, and reliably. The extensive ecosystem accelerates your project and increases your innovation pace.

Modern Software Development

Torizon makes modern, iterative product development easier by seamlessly integrating hardware, an Open Source embedded Linux OS, development tools, and an update and monitoring platform.

Fun and Efficient

Torizon lets you develop your product in an agile and iterative fashion. The seamlessly-integrated remote updates feature makes it possible to deploy new software easily.

No Chaos

Immutability is key when working with many devices and fast iterations. Torizon devices are always in a defined, reproducible state, bringing order to a fast-moving world.

Simple Hardware Access

It's easy to configure Torizon to custom hardware. Add peripherals and get access to them. Typically, no Linux Kernel or Yocto Project knowledge is required with Torizon.

Large Ecosystem

Tap into the extensive Docker Ecosystem of thousands of ready-to-use containers. Additionally, Toradex partners provide a wide range of Software and Services to accelerate your project.
Kevin Rieck
Kevin Rieck

Software Engineer AI Solutions, GmbH

Torizon simplifies the development of AI-based apps enormously. Thanks to the comprehensive container eco-system and the samples provided by Toradex, you can quickly build prototypes and shorten the time to deployment

Experience the Journey

  • Get Torizon-Ready Hardware

    Toradex's System on Modules (SoMs) and Single Board Computers (SBCs) provide a premium out-of-the-box experience for Torizon. Leverage a fully-tested stack to decrease your development time with an application-ready platform.

  • Tap Into a Large Ecosystem

    Supporting Docker containers, Torizon allows you to leverage hundreds of ready-to-use images from Docker Hub, including Debian containers, where you can APT install your Application's dependencies.

  • Develop in Your Favorite Programming Language

    Torizon offers plugins for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio for Linux and Windows Development PC, providing a modern and productive environment that lets you focus on your Application and not on the configuration and setup of the Environment.

  • Deploy Your Containerized Application Locally or to the Field

    Use Torizon to set up a convenient tool chain to continuously deploy to your fleet. On your desk, in your lab, or in the field. The built-in Security and Reliability provides you peace of mind.

  • Monitor Your Fleets and Get Insights

    Learn how your devices behave. Detect the issues before they lead to failures. Get data from the field, not just the lab.

  • Iterate, Fix Bugs and Improve Your Application

    React to your customer's updated needs, fix bugs, and close security vulnerabilities. Do it fast, cost-effectively, and reliably.

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Torizon is fully integrated with Toradex Hardware

Torizon OS runs on most of our newer modules! Leverage a fully integrated stack and start developing today.

Integrating Torizon is easier than you think!

Torizon OS is fully Open Source! We provide references on how to integrate it with your own hardware. Do it yourself or with our partners!

We have everything you need to get started!

To kick-start your evaluation, choose from these Starter Kits to profit from the tight software-hardware integration.

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