For Tech Leaders

Observe and monitor your products in the field and iterate fast! Torizon allows your team to be more productive and to focus on your value.

Tech Leader

Take advantage of modern DevOps processes and tools to increase output and lower your technical dept. Device Monitoring and Remote Updates let you detect and fix issues quickly and effectively.

Be Fast

Torizon modernizes product development with tools and support for an agile process, CI/CD Integration, and Device Monitoring. You will also be able to minimize the time to detect, correct, and deploy fixes - all while reducing your change-failure rate.

Reduce cost

Reduce development and maintenance costs: With Torizon's full-stack integration, lower time and risks. Frequently-validated updates with a secure over-the-air update system reduce your maintenance cost.

Secure Your Products

New rules and regulations make security a bigger focus. Torizon is built from the ground up with extensive security. Secure Remote and Offline Updates options allow you to eliminate vulnerabilities fast in the field. Benefit from our Torizon Team's expertise.


Torizon takes care of your product's basic system needs, allowing you to focus your energy on your innovative ideas. That frees up your resources for what matters the most to you.
Elisa Rodriguez

Tech Lead, Traxen

Torizon helps us to monitor and maintain our devices at customer sites without physically accessing them. This is extremely valuable to us a startup, which is constantly improving it products to meet customers satisfaction.

Experience the Journey

  • Your Team Is Writing Code in
    1 Hour

    With our focus on a premium out-of-the-box experience, your team will be developing on Torizon in just a few hours. Integration with hardware and modern development tools make the setup simple.

  • Focus your Development Resources

    Your team can tap into a large ecosystem of open-source and commercial offerings, accelerating development and assuring you can focus on your added value. Our industry-leading support will help your team achieve goals faster.

  • Reduce Risk and Cost When Scaling Up

    Torizon is built for critical high-volume products. The full-stack integration lowers time and risk to enter the market. It includes tooling for Volume Production and Provision, making scaling to tens of thousands of devices easy.

  • Release Your Product 6-12 Months Earlier

    The effective development environment, continuous integration and deployment increases productivity and lowers technical debt. The reliable remote updates feature allows you to ship your product early with the most important features. You can provide secondary features later.

  • Fix Security Vulnerabilities the Easy Way

    Free Frequent Updates to the Torizon OS (formerly TorizonCore) and the built-in secure remote update system allows you to fix critical security bug in no time with minimal cost.

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Torizon is fully integrated with Toradex Hardware

Torizon OS runs on most of our newer modules! Leverage a fully integrated stack and start developing today.

Integrating Torizon is easier than you think!

Torizon OS is fully Open Source! We provide references on how to integrate it with your own hardware. Do it yourself or with our partners!

We have everything you need to get started!

To kick-start your evaluation, choose from these Starter Kits to profit from the tight software-hardware integration.

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