Subsystem Updates

Seamlessly update every component of your system. From the firmware of both external and internal microcontrollers (MCUs) to modems and cameras, as well as device configurations and content resources – Torizon ensures every component of your ecosystem is up to date and secure, despite complex dependencies.

Update Every Component of Your Product

Leverage the Ease-of-Use, Security and Reliability of Torizon to update every component of your system.

Fully Customize the Update Flow

Define the Update Flow, Processes and Dependencies to your needs. Allowing you to cover every component in your system.

Leverage Examples

Torizon offers multiple action examples. Easily add these components to your update flow, like the built-in Cortex-M, Configuration Files, and others.

Security and Reliability

Let Torizon handle the security and reliability of downloading the update and verifying its integrity. You get all the proven advantages of automotive-grade Uptane standard for OTA Updates.

Online or

Subsystem Updates work the same way for Remote and Local Update scenarios, allowing you to update connected and air-gaped products.

Use Cases

External Microcontroller (MCU) and FPGAs Firmware

Update microcontrollers and FPGAs external to your main system through any available interface like UART or even through the network.

Built-In Microcontrollers

Update the firmware on the built-in Cortex-M/R core, commonly available in many embedded Linux SoCs.

Content Resources

Update Machine Learning models, branding assets like images, videos, and keep your fleet updated.

Configuration Files

Remotely manage configuration files on your deployed fleet and enjoy fleet-wide visibility.

Any Other Subsystem

Write your own Action Handler and completely customize how the update process happens for your specific product component.

Peripheral Firmware

Update the firmware of your camera, modem, neural network accelerator, and more.

On-Demand Webinar

Secure OTA
February 22, 2024

Updating Cortex-M Firmware and other external devices Securely Over-the-Air

In this webinar, you'll understand what Subsystem Updates are and how they can be used to update any subsystem on your embedded product. We’ll also present a live demo, illustrating how to define one of these subsystems and how to describe the update process for it, and show live an OTA deployment of a new ESP firmware connected to the Toradex board as an example.

Get the Most Out of Subsystem Updates with Torizon

Monitor and Detect

Seamlessly-integrated Device Monitoring provides a fast and effective way to monitor the health of your subsystems and take action early.

Simplify SW Development and Integration

Torizon offers a wide range of tools and APIs to accelerate your development and integrate with CI/CD systems.

Troubleshoot Remotely

Leverage Remote Access to remotely troubleshoot and fix solutions on your devices from the application layer to any custom subsystem.
Toradex Ready-to-use Runtimes

Toradex provides frequently updated and maintained, ready-to-use containers and Torizon OS (formerly TorizonCore) releases. Everything is hardware-accelerated and out-of-the-box, so you can focus on developing your application and customizing the OS instead of the infrastructure to support them.

For Developers

Easily transform the provided container images and Torizon OS into your applications and your custom OS using Toradex-provided tools: our Visual Studio and VSCode extensions, and the TorizonCore Builder.

For Managers

Immutability is key when managing many devices. It allows you to guarantee quality and reliability, even after many update cycles. With Torizon, all your devices are in a defined state - always.

Torizon Cloud

Torizon lets you develop your product in an agile and iterative fashion. The seamlessly integrated remote update features make deploying new software easily possible.

Built for You

Application Developer

Develop your embedded application on top of a solid foundation and leverage powerful tools.

OS Maintainer

Easily customize the Torizon OS to fit your needs without needing Yocto Project.
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Tech Lead

Improve your team's efficiency with modern, agile workflow and CI/CD.

Business Leader

Transform your business with faster delivery, more innovation, and lower maintenance costs.
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Industrial Automation and Robotics
Transportation and Agriculture
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Medical and Healthcare
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