Secure and Reliable Remote Updates

Torizon provides OTA updates for Linux Devices built from the ground up with security and reliability in mind.

Over-the-air Updates in Action

Intuitive API and User Interface allow simple management and seamless integration in your workflow.

Elisa Rodriguez
Elisa Rodriguez

Tech Lead, Traxen

Torizon helps us to monitor and maintain our devices at customer sites without physically accessing them. This is extremely valuable to us a startup, which is constantly improving it products to meet customers satisfaction.

Streamline Processes

Torizon allows you to simply implement Continuous Integration and Deployment Processes (CI/CD) for faster and lower-risk development cycles.

No Chaos

Never have a device in an unknown state again. Immutability is key, and it is built into the design. With Remote Updates, either the update is successful, or a rollback happens.

Full Stack OTA Updates

Torizon enables updates for all your Software, from Bootloader over OS to your application, with a flexible dependency model.

Smart Delta Updates

The devices smartly download only the binary diffs for the updated packages, reducing the update size to a minimum and saving you bandwidth and money.

How Is It Secure?

Torizon Cloud (formerly Torizon Platform) is built with security in mind from the ground up. All features are integrated into the security concept and not just bolt-on. That results in a simple streamlined solution for you and the reduction of attack vectors for your product.

Automotive-Grade Security Built-In

The Torizon ecosystems, from the base operating system to the cloud services, are built following the proven Uptane standard, which is mainstream in automotive applications. All this security is out of the box and maintained by Toradex. Focus on your application, and let us do the rest!

Integrated With a Frequently-Updated OS

The integrated Remote Updates feature is tightly coupled with Torizon OS (formerly TorizonCore), a ready-to-use Embedded Linux distribution for industrial settings. This OS is fully maintained and tested by Toradex, with frequent releases for security patches and new features.

Securely Manage Multi-User Accounts

Following the Uptane automotive standard, Torizon allows you to delegate roles to different accounts, permitting them to manage devices on your behalf - from fleet monitoring to updating devices and troubleshooting issues remotely - with granular permissions.

The Torizon OS integration with our IDE of choice (Visual Studio Code) for debugging and deploying software to the iMX8 has been a great help. Finally, the support organization at Toradex has been outstanding. They are friendly, very responsive and continue working issues until a resolution is provided.

Brad Graves
Brad Graves

Principal Project Manager, RND Group, Inc.

How Is It Reliable?

The team behind Torizon is very experienced in building Software and Hardware for critical applications in Medical, Industrial, and Transportation Systems. These systems require uninterrupted 24/7 functionality over many years in challenging environments. Torizon's focus on reliability is evident in our technology choices, processes, and testing, thereby making sure you can trigger updates worry-free and never end up with a bricked device.

Multilevel Fault-Tolerant Recovery System: Always Have a Responsive Device

Torizon is fault-tolerant by design. With our implementation of the Uptane standard, your device is always in a known state. If anything goes wrong in any software layer, Torizon will catch that problem, report it to you, and automatically roll back to the latest good state. Integrated Device Monitoring lets you observe your product in the field.

Resistant to Unreliable Networks and Power Cuts

We understand that network quality or power supply may not be 100% reliable. That's why we built an over-the-air update solution that will not brick your device in case of a bad connection or a sudden power cut. One key technology to achieve this is OSTree, sometimes called git for file systems, which outperforms A/B updates in many aspects.
Mathias Poulsen

Head of Product, Next 11

Torizon OTA is very easy to manage and use, even for a non-technical. The support team has been a great help and have handled all requests very fast.

Torizon Is Much More Than Remote Updates

Remote OTA Updates is one of the Torizon's features. Torizon simplifies your IoT Linux product development and deployment in all stages.

Get Secure Remote Access to Your Devices

With Remote Access, you can connect to a shell on a remote device and issue commands at fleet level, securely and out-of-the-box.

Maintained Ready-to-Use Embedded Linux for Critical Application

The Torizon OS comes with the Docker Engine installed. Leverage 100s of readily-available containers with your application.

Monitor Your Devices to Preemptively Detect Issues

Built-in Customizable Device Monitoring provides you visibility of your fleet. Quickly analyze the status of the dashboards.
Toradex Ready-to-use Runtimes

Toradex provides frequently updated and maintained, ready-to-use containers and Torizon OS releases. Everything hardware-accelerated, out-of-the-box, so you can focus on developing your application and customizing the OS instead of the infrastructure to support them.

For Developers

Easily transform the provided container images and Torizon OS into your applications and your custom OS using Toradex-provided tools: our Visual Studio and VSCode extensions, and the TorizonCore Builder.

For Managers

Immutability is key when managing many devices. It allows you to guarantee quality and reliability, even after many update cycles. With Torizon, all your devices are in a defined state - always.

Torizon Cloud

Torizon lets you develop your product in an agile and iterative fashion. The seamlessly integrated remote update features make it possible to deploy new software easily.

On-Demand Webinars

Secure OTA
February 22, 2024

Updating Cortex-M Firmware and other external devices Securely Over-the-Air

In this webinar, you'll understand what Subsystem Updates are and how they can be used to update any subsystem on your embedded product. We’ll also present a live demo, illustrating how to define one of these subsystems and how to describe the update process for it, and show live an OTA deployment of a new ESP firmware connected to the Toradex board as an example.

OTA Updates
November 29, 2023

How to add OTA Updates and other IoT features to your Yocto image

In this webinar, Stefano Viola, our Torizon Group Engineering Manager and Software Architect, covers how to easily add IoT features, such as remote access, OTA updates, enhanced security, and more, to your embedded Linux image.

Remote Access
September 21, 2023

Using Remote Access to Identify and Solve Customer Issues in Field Devices

In this webinar, you'll see a live demo showcasing how Remote Access can effectively identify and resolve issues within deployed devices; witness a security overview to understand the importance of security in such features and learn how our security architecture protects you. You’ll also gain insight into the uniqueness of Torizon’s Remote Access allowing you to go much further than just an SSH connection.

Power-safe Atomic OTA Updates
January 20, 2023

Implementing Power-safe Atomic Over the Air Updates

The idea of over-the-air (OTA) updates has been around for a long time, but it’s only been the last few years in which it has been a subject of focus within the connected device development community. There are numerous open-source and commercial solutions as well as lots of DIY hacks out there.

OTA Challenge
June 20, 2022

Meeting the Challenge of OTA for Embedded Linux Systems

In this webinar we look at the challenges of managing the process of updating software on embedded Linux systems remotely – often referred to as an Over-The-Air or OTA update.

Meeting the Challenge of OTA for Embedded Linux Systems
Secure Offline and Online Updates
April 07, 2022

Secure Offline and Online Updates for Linux Devices

There is a rising trend to connect almost all embedded/IoT devices. However, there are still plenty of use cases where a device is not remotely accessible. These devices still need to receive updates - for bug fixes, security patches, new features, etc.

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Develop your embedded application on top of a solid foundation and leverage powerful tools.

OS Maintainer

Easily customize the Torizon OS to fit your needs without needing Yocto Project.
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Improve your team's efficiency with modern, agile workflow and CI/CD.

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Transform your business with faster delivery, more innovation, and lower maintenance costs.
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