Embedded Linux OS

Torizon OS is a free and open-source Industrial Embedded Linux OS focusing on simplifying the development and maintenance of products requiring high reliability and security.

Torizon OS

Ready-to-Use Industrial Embedded Linux Distribution

Fast Time-to-Market

Ready-to-use maintained Linux distributions. Simple customization to your Hardware.

Secure by Default

Frequent updates, accessible and simple security features, including Secure Boot and SBOM generation. Integrated OTA and Monitoring Solution.

Free and Open Source

Based on open software, no lock-in. Portable on almost any Hardware Platform. Customizable to your needs. And it is completely free, including frequent updates for the Toradex System on Modules (SoMs).

Real-Time Enabled

Torizon OS also comes in RT-enabled releases.

Highly Productive Modern Software Development

Torizon offers ready-to-use integration with Visual Studio Code. The IDE Extension for VS Code brings all the convenience of modern development tools to embedded and IoT product development. Including Full Remote Debug capabilities and integration with CI/CD toolchains. The extension allows you to get started in just minutes.

Are you moving from Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) or Desktop Windows? You will feel at home and remain productive while tapping into the large Linux ecosystem.

Use the programming language of your choice, including Python, .Net Core, C#, C/C++ and Rust.

Stay Up to Date With Minimal Maintenance

Frequent Updates and Long Term Support (LTS)

Torizon's frequent updates allow you to stay up to date, as Toradex does the heavy lifting of integrating the latest version and testing them. We provide a rolling update, tracking mainline Linux whenever possible and Long Term Support (LTS). Our Hardware is supported over the whole lifetime. Let us help integrate Torizon with your Tool Chain to enable continuous integration and delivery.

Built With the Yocto Project

Torizon OS is open-source and built with the Yocto Project. Torizon's goal is to simplify the setup and maintenance of an industrial-embedded Linux compared to Yocto Project. However, we also support use cases where further customization of the Torizon OS with the YoctoProject is necessary. Torizon OS is available with the Docker Runtime, or it's also possible to leave Docker away and still take advantage of the Update, Device Monitoring and Remote access capabilities.

  • Yocto Project Reference Images
  • With or Without Docker Software Contanierzation
  • Use your familiar Yocto Project Workflows for deep customizations

Extensive Software Container Ecosystem

Torizon uses Docker software containers, making it simple to add functionality to your system in a way that is both secure and easy to maintain. You can leverage a collection of ready-to-use Containers. Torizon supports hardware acceleration, machine learning, browsers, and graphical user interfaces in containers.

Reliable and Secure Remote and Offline Updates

Torizon OS tightly integrates an Update Solution. It can be used remotely (OTA) or offline to update a device securely and reliably with a USB Stick. Based on the Uptane Framework, it brings a ready-to-use automotive-grade technology stack protected from power cuts or unreliable connections; Torizon will keep your products going no matter the circumstances.
Docker Hub

Simple and Secure Device Monitoring

Device Monitoring

When enabled, the integrated Device Monitoring provides insights into your device fleet. It lets you detect potential issues before they cause a problem for your customers. The device Monitoring can be easily customized and extended to fit your needs.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Torizon Remote Access is a flexible, secure and easy-to-use way to troubleshoot your products and support your customers anywhere. Remote Access is seamless integration for a Zero setup experience and built-in Security.

Torizon-Supported Hardware

The full-stack Torizon ecosystem has three different support levels when matching the Software stack with your available hardware. Contact us to request your custom hardware to be supported.
Toradex SoM and SBCs Full-stack Integrated
Fully integrated and tested, every feature is available, and priority support. Production-ready.
SBC and Devices Powered by Torizon
Select from a wide range of Single Board Computers and Devices from Torizon Partners.
Community Supported
Raspberry Pi, X86,...
Leverage Community Supported Devices. Many Maker and Industrial Boards are supported by Torzion OS.
Your Own Hardware ARM, X86-64, RISC-V
Torizon OS is open-source and can support most hardware. Get in touch to learn more.

Learn About the Full Potential of Torizon

Toradex Ready-to-use Runtimes

Toradex provides frequently updated and maintained, ready-to-use containers and Torizon OS releases. Everything hardware-accelerated out-of-the-box, so you just spend the time developing your application and customizing the OS, instead of the infrastructure to support them

For Developers

Easily transform the provided container images and Torizon OS into your applications and into your custom OS, using Toradex provided tools: our Visual Studio and VSCode extensions, and TorizonCore Builder

For Managers

Immutablity is key when managing many devices. It makes sure you can garnatee quality and reliablity even after many update cycles. With Torizon all your devices are in a defined state. Always

Torizon Cloud

Torizon lets you develop your product in an agile and iterative fashion. The seamlessly integrated remote update features make it possible to deploy new software easily

Built for You

Application Developer

Develop your embedded application on top of a solid foundation and leverage powerful tools.

OS Maintainer

Easily customize the Torizon OS to fit your needs without using Yocto Project.
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Tech Lead

Improve your team's efficiency with modern agile workflow and CI/CD.

Business Leader

Transform your business with faster delivery, more innovation, and lower maintenance costs.
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Made for Demanding Applications

Industrial Automation and Robotics
Transportation and Agriculture
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Smart City
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Torizon is fully integrated with Toradex Hardware

Torizon OS runs on most of our newer modules! Leverage a fully integrated stack and start developing today.

Integrating Torizon is easier than you think!

Torizon OS is fully Open Source! We provide references on how to integrate it with your own hardware. Do it yourself or with our partners!

We have everything you need to get started!

To kick-start your evaluation, choose from these Starter Kits to profit from the tight software-hardware integration.

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