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TorizonCore OS

Ready-to-use Embedded Industrial Linux distro.

Free & Open Source

  • Robust and Secure Embedded Linux OS for demanding Applications
  • Frequent Release and Long Term Support (LTS) Version available
  • Ready-to-use Docker containers provided by Toradex
  • Integrated secure update client and device monitoring based on the Uptane Standard
  • Based on Toradex’s proven BSP
  • Extensive Support Resources and active Community

Torizon Development Tools

Visual Studio Code IDE extensions, simple OS customization tools, and more.


  • Development extensions available for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • Easily customize TorizonCore with TorizonCore Builder
  • Ready-to-use graphical containers with easy debugging
  • Easily integrate your development process with CI/CD
  • Design a Carrier Board using interactive Pinout Designer
  • Toradex Easy Installer for provisioning at scale

Torizon Platform

Torizon Platform provides a securely hosted solution for connected services, including Remote Updates, Device Monitoring, and Remote Access. It's easily expandable via API.


Almost all features for evaluation and small fleets





Maker Features:

  • Secure Remote Updates
    • -
      Application Updates
    • -
      OS Updates
    • -
      Bootloader Updates
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • API Access (Coming soon)
  • Community Support


Connected Devices
  • Included Devices

    10 Free


Scale from Development to High Volume Production. Let's grow together.

Subscription starts at


billed at $1188/yr

No credit card required

Commercial Features:

  • All Maker Features
  • Remote Access
  • Professional Support

Add Features:

  • $99/mo

    Unlimited Devices

    billed at $1188/yr

Add Connected Devices

Pay per Month


billed at $24/yr*

Pay Upfront (One Time)



*volume discount available

Billed Annually



Talk to us about your use case, we can offer custom price models and features fitting your needs.

Customized based on your business needs


Note: Plan offerings and details are subject to change without prior notice.

Frequently asked questions

No direct cost is associated with provisioning devices. You can simply provision them in your production setting before they go out in the field.

Torizon technical support is included in the cost of the service. There is no additional cost.

Offline Updates are an add-on to your plan, allowing you to update how many devices you need. The devices must be previously provisioned (online or offline) to your account.

In the first year, the cost would be:
- Annual Plan: $ 2,388
- One-time Fee: $ 11,138
From the second year onward, the cost covers the Platform Access Fee:
- Annual Plan: $ 2,388
- One-time Fee: $ 1,188
See the breakeven forecast:
* This is just an illustrative simulation. To verify the final cost, contact us.

If you would like to experience the full-scale features of the Torizon Platform, subscribe to the Commercial Plan. You can also register for the Free 90-day Trial and test it.

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Torizon is fully integrated with Toradex hardware

TorizonCore runs on most of our newer modules! Leverage a fully integrated stack and start developing today.

Integrating Torizon is easier than you think!

TorizonCore is fully Open Source! We provide references on how to integrate it with your own hardware. Do it yourself or with our partners!

Everything you need to get started

To kick-start your evaluation, choose from these Starter Kits to profit from the tight software-hardware integration.

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