Test & Measurement

Technological advancements have revolutionized the way we approach testing and measurement, from the advent of sophisticated HMIs to the rise of testing equipment and laboratory automation. Laboratory devices and testing equipment, the cornerstone of this vertical, play a pivotal role in ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Torizon is Built for Test & Measurement

Torizon, an industrial Linux platform, enables Test & Measurement device manufacturers to embrace digital transformation. It accelerates precise and secure IoT device development with robust device monitoring, proactive maintenance, and secure OTA updates. Integrated with industrial-grade hardware, Torizon facilitates efficient data transfer and tailored solutions. With trusted software and reliability features, Torizon maximizes productivity in demanding environments, meeting the core needs of precision, reliability, and connectivity for laboratories, industries, testers, and measurement devices.

Typical Applications Include

  • Machine HMI
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Fluid Testers
  • Blood Testers
  • Optical Testing Devices
  • Laser Testing Devices
  • Data Logging and Monitoring Systems
  • ESD Testers
  • Oscilloscopes

Torizon Highlights for Test & Measurement Applications

Maximizing Performance with Real-Time Device Monitoring

Torizon offers robust device monitoring capabilities, crucial for test and measurement applications. With real-time monitoring and diagnostics, operators can track critical parameters and ensure the optimal performance of measurement devices. It helps identify potential issues and enables proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Enhancing Security and Reliability

Torizon prioritizes the security of test and measurement devices through its proven security framework and reliable updates process. By leveraging the Uptane Framework, renowned for its resilience, Torizon ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of the software. Secure updates are seamless and flexible, with over-the-air and offline update options. Multiple layers of validation and fallback systems guarantee uninterrupted device functionality. That ensures that test and measurement devices remain operational and secure, benefiting from the latest security patches and updates, ultimately enhancing overall solution reliability.

Integrated Ecosystem for Seamless Connectivity

Torizon, leveraging Torizon OS (formerly TorizonCore) and Platform Services, offers a tested and integrated solution with industrial-grade hardware, including Toradex System on Modules, Single Board Computers, Industrial PCs, and HMIs. It is designed to meet the connectivity needs of case-specific test and measurement applications. With support for a wide range of connectivity options, such as multi-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Torizon enables seamless integration with various devices and networks, facilitating efficient data transfer and communication in both laboratory and field testing environments.

Success Stories

DESCO Industries

DESCO Industries

SmartLog Pro® 2: Precision Data Logging for ESD Compliance and Quality Control

It plays a crucial role in testing for electro-static discharge, allowing staff to enter or leave the facility only when it meets the necessary criteria.

Amphasys Pollen Analyzer


Pollen Analyzer - Ampha P20

It's easy to use, the data analysis is automated, and it focuses on reducing the number of chemicals used for growing produce.

Mosaic Design Labs

Mosaic Design Labs

Mosaic Design Labs - Colorimetric Assay Instrument

Mosaic Design Labs faced the challenge of developing a cutting-edge, real-time colorimetric nucleic acid amplification assay instrument for its customer.

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