Device Monitoring

Torizon's Device Monitoring feature allows you to observe your products in the field. Detect issues before they are visible to your customers and optimize your product based on real-world feedback.

Monitor and Analyze Linux IoT Devices

Intuitive API and User Interface allow simple management and seamless integration in your workflow.

Get Full-Stack Visibility

Monitor devices at unit or fleet level, and get Telemetry, not just from the application, but from the Operating System, Processes, and Hardware information such as temperatures and resources usage.

Secure Out-of-the Box

Device Monitoring is fully integrated with Torizon using the same security architecture. That is simpler for you and reduces attack vectors.

Preemptively Detect and Fix Issues

Leverage the stream of data to detect possible issues in advance. Then, you can leverage Remote Access to quickly troubleshoot them, even before your customers notices it, and deploy a fix.

Detect Outliers in the Fleet

Torizon automatically detects outlier devices in your fleets, based on the metrics you define. Allowing you to easily pinpoint possible issues and take action.

Easily Customize for Your Needs

Ready-to-Use Standard Configuration

Easily-enabled device monitoring for your devices. Information collected out-of-the-box includes CPU Usage, Memory Usage, CPU Temperature, and the Docker Service Status.

Add Your Own Metrics

We use the Open Source Fluent Bit on the Linux OS. It's a flexible, lightweight logging and metrics processor and forwarder. It allows you to add your own metrics easily. Fluent Bit already offers a lot of Input and Filter Plugins to capture and preprocess your custom metrics.

Stream to Your Data Platform

You can stream the data from Torizon into your own Data platform for tight integration in your processes! It's compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Datadog, Elasticsearch, etc.

Device Monitoring in Action

February 23, 2022

Secure Device Monitoring -
Check Health, Resources and Performance

Data is a keyword in our current lifestyle. Digital devices generate most of this data. Embedded devices and IoT can be our point of contact with several environment variables, while controlling machines and process parameters, supporting people or animal life, checking the weather and natural resources, alerting, acting, and others. An almost uncountable number of applications and tasks can be done by an embedded device.

Make the Most Out of Your Data with Torizon

Device Monitoring is just one feature of Torizon. It also enables you to update your device securely and safely. Integration with development tools and CI/CD toolchain lowers your Lead time for changes. Torizon can also reduce your Change Error Rate for better and increase customer satisfaction.

Find and Fix Bugs in-Field

After identifying issues with device monitoring, deploy an OTA Update using Torizon’s Reliable Remote Updates feature.

Tap into a Large Ecosystem

The Torizon OS (formerly TorizonCore) comes with the Docker Engine installed. Leverage 100s of readily-available containers with your application.

Automate Your Work

Make use of Torizon's API to integrate with your processes. Use CI/CD pipelines to lower your Change Error Rate.
Toradex Ready-to-use Runtimes

Toradex provides frequently updated and maintained, ready-to-use containers and Torizon OS releases. Everything is hardware-accelerated and out-of-the-box, so you can focus on developing your application and customizing the OS instead of the infrastructure to support them.

For Developers

Easily transform the provided container images and Torizon OS into your applications and your custom OS using Toradex-provided tools: our Visual Studio and VSCode extensions, and the TorizonCore Builder.

For Managers

Immutability is key when managing many devices. It allows you to guarantee quality and reliability, even after many update cycles. With Torizon, all your devices are in a defined state - always.

Torizon Cloud

Torizon lets you develop your product in an agile and iterative fashion. The seamlessly integrated remote update features make deploying new software easily possible.

Built for You

Application Developer

Develop your embedded application on top of a solid foundation and leverage powerful tools.

OS Maintainer

Easily customize the Torizon OS to fit your needs without needing Yocto Project.
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Tech Lead

Improve your team's efficiency with modern, agile workflow and CI/CD.

Business Leader

Transform your business with faster delivery, more innovation, and lower maintenance costs.
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Industrial Automation and Robotics
Transportation and Agriculture
Test & Measurement
Medical and Healthcare
Smart City

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