Elevate LIVE 2022

Lucerne, Switzerland

This page provides video content discussing, demonstrating, reimagining, and innovating the Development and Deployment of Linux IoT Devices.
Our experts and C suite, as well as Toradex's special guests, customers, and partners, go over the most trending topics in the industry.

Toradex Keynote Session

Elevate LIVE

Toradex Keynote Session

Who is Toradex in the Embedded Industry? A Toradex-hosted event, the first edition of Elevate LIVE was a total success! Our CMO, Daniel Lang, welcomes you to the morning session, preparing you for insightful presentations. Toradex CEO Samuel Ingrueth discusses the networking opportunities, customer presentations, and the event's agenda. Our customer Amphasys discusses our mutual success in using Toradex's Embedded Linux Software, Torizon. And Brandon Shibley, our CTO, shares how Torizon came to be and what DevOps of Linux IoT Devices means at Toradex.


Introduction by Samuel Imgrueth

Here we're setting the stage with the how, what, and why of Elevate LIVE. And Samuel discusses our goal: to simplify things for you!

Key Focus

About Toradex and our focus areas

How does Toradex simplify your development process? With our full-stack solutions! Our extensive Software background, Torizon Cloud (formerly Torizon Platform), and highly experienced team make us the best bet for your IoT projects. That includes offering secure and reliable Hardware and Software integration - from prototyping to production. We understand our customers' needs, and we meet them!


Introducing Torizon

So how does Torizon meet your needs? Our DevOps Platform builds secure edge devices. It's a full-stack solution. Understand how Torizon saves your company time and money while offering support, security, and reliability.

Our Customers

Customer Spotlight – Amphasys

Our customer Amphasys presents their Ampha P20 and Z40, portable devices for single-cell analysis focusing on the agrochemical industry. Its Head of Software Engineering, Luca de Villa Palù, explains how they used Toradex's Software and Hardware integration, using Torizon, and how it has made the innovation-to-market loop efficient for their product.


Brandon Shibley – Insights

And how can you have the same kind of success as Amphasys? Brandon Shibley, Toradex's CTO, explains just that! He shares how Torizon fits in the future of DevOps of Linux IoT Devices. Learn about the industry's needs and trends and how Torizon meets them and simplifies things.


Continuous Delivery, ABD, Continuous Compliance, Torizon

We know it takes many steps to efficiently develop and deploy your products. Here Brandon continues discussing how we make this easier for you. Torizon is fault-tolerant, allows you to monitor your devices, catch failures before they go into production, and accelerate time-to-market while assuring your device remains secure and reliable.

  • Toradex Keynote Session
  • Introduction by Samuel Imgrueth
  • About Toradex and our focus areas
  • Introducing Torizon
  • Customer Spotlight – Amphasys
  • Brandon Shibley – Insights
  • Continuous Delivery, ABD, Continuous Compliance, Torizon

Guest Keynote Session


Securing Devices against Nation-State Actors

Meet Justin Cappos: a known Computer Scientist, Cybersecurity Expert, Faculty Member at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering, and Toradex's special guest. In this keynote, Justin presents "Securing Devices Against Nation-State Actors." Discover who cares about hacking your devices, how to perform safe updates, and the pros and cons of existing solutions.


Keynote Introduction

How do hackers find out a device is susceptible to hacking? And why do they want to hack your devices? The answers to these questions are right here!


Why Updates

An old software is a vulnerable software. But updates can be dangerous, and there are many ways your device could be hacked. In this section, Justin Cappos discusses how to prevent attacks, solutions like Thandy, TUF, Uptane - the standard Torizon is based on - and more!

Supply Chain

Examining the Software Supply Chain

Discover how the Software Supply Chain affects a device's security and safety and where Uptane and TUF fit in during this process to secure your system. What should be your priority, and how do you document everything?


Securing the Software Supply Chain

You want to verifiably secure the entire Software Supply Chain! Let's look at best practices and steps you can take to secure your devices on all levels and successfully prevent attacks and vulnerabilities.


First Steps

So what is the first step? What's in-toto? Learn about defined steps and authorized actors, how to make everything happen, and the type of architecture you need to ensure maximum security for your device.

  • Guest Keynote Session - Justin Cappos
  • Introduction
  • Why Updates
  • Examining the Software Supply Chain
  • Securing the Software Supply Chain
  • First Steps
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